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Power BI Custom Visual


alt text The Tree for Power BI is a tree structure custom visual that can be used in Power BI report. There are many ways to customise the tree visual, such as

  • vertical/horizonal orientation
  • custom label
  • custom URL
  • display label within node
  • node shape
  • link shape
  • conditional formatting of node


To use Tree, you need to have a data set which contains “parent id” and “id” in order to establish the parent-child relationship. This will allow the visual to relate parent nodes to their respective child nodes in order to render the tree.

In addition, you can optionally provide a measure and up to eight data fields as values. These data fields can then be used to format the label and/or the URL.

alt text

By default, the display text (i.e. the label) is set to {0}, which simply means the first field under Values. As up to eight fields are allowed under Values, you can use {1} to reference the second field, {2} to reference the third field, and so on up to {7}, which will refernce the eighth field. To reference the measure, use {Measure}. To add a newline, use {NL}. This same notation can also be used for the URL.

alt text



A sample file can be downloaded here.


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